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actionStatement - Class in asteroids.model.Programs.Statements
actionStatement(SourceLocation) - Constructor for class asteroids.model.Programs.Statements.actionStatement
activeBreakStatement() - Method in class asteroids.model.Programs.Statements.printStatement
activeBreakStatement() - Method in class asteroids.model.Programs.Statements.returnStatement
activeBreakStatement() - Method in class asteroids.model.Programs.Statements.sequenceOfStatements
activeBreakStatement() - Method in class asteroids.model.Programs.Statements.Statement
activeBreakStatement() - Method in class asteroids.model.Programs.Statements.whileStatement
addAsteroidToWorld(World, Asteroid) - Method in class asteroids.facade.Facade
addBulletToWorld(World, Bullet) - Method in class asteroids.facade.Facade
addEntity(Entity) - Method in class asteroids.model.World
Add the given entity to the world.
addition - Class in asteroids.model.Programs.Expressions
addition(Expression<? extends Double>, Expression<? extends Double>, SourceLocation) - Constructor for class asteroids.model.Programs.Expressions.addition
addPlanetoidToWorld(World, Planetoid) - Method in class asteroids.facade.Facade
addResult(Object) - Method in class asteroids.model.Program
addShipToWorld(World, Ship) - Method in class asteroids.facade.Facade
addVariable(Variable) - Method in class asteroids.model.Program
advanceTime() - Method in class asteroids.model.Program
assertStatement - Class in asteroids.model.Programs.Statements
assertStatement(Expression<? extends Boolean>, SourceLocation, Boolean) - Constructor for class asteroids.model.Programs.Statements.assertStatement
assignmentStatement - Class in asteroids.model.Programs.Statements
assignmentStatement(Expression, String, SourceLocation) - Constructor for class asteroids.model.Programs.Statements.assignmentStatement
Asteroid - Class in asteroids.model
A class representing a MinorPlanet of the type Asteroid, involving a position, a velocity and a radius.
Asteroid(double, double, double, double, double) - Constructor for class asteroids.model.Asteroid
Create a new Asteroid.
asteroids.facade - package asteroids.facade
asteroids.model - package asteroids.model
asteroids.model.Programs - package asteroids.model.Programs
asteroids.model.Programs.Expressions - package asteroids.model.Programs.Expressions
asteroids.model.Programs.Statements - package asteroids.model.Programs.Statements
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